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AdaRate: A Rate-Adaptive Traffic Measurement Method in Software Defined Networks

Volume 13, Number 6, October 2017 - Paper 14  - pp. 937-944
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.17.06.p14.937944

Jixing Tanga,b, Yue Zhanga,b,*, Yan Lia,b

aMoE Engineering Research Center for Software/Hardware Co-Design Technology and Application, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062, China
bShanghai Key Lab for Trustworthy Computing, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062, China

(Submitted on July 25, 2017; Revised on August 30, 2017; Accepted on September 15, 2017)

(This paper was presented at the Third International Symposium on System and Software Reliability.)


Traffic measurement is the basis of analysis and prediction of network traffic. Its accuracy directly affects the reliability of upper applications. This paper proposes a rate-adaptive traffic measurement method called AdaRate. It adjusts the polling period according to fluctuations of flow rates which is calculated with a sliding window queue. We noticed that some fluctuations of flow rates may be dropped in AdaRate while the polling period is too long. Then we propose RAdaRate. It adjusts the polling period according to AdaRate or sets the polling period to minimum randomly. We compared the performance of AdaRate and RAdaRate with SWT in CeMon and Payless in Mininet when monitoring those VBR flows with frequent and large fluctuation. The results show that the accuracy of RAdaRate is the best while the overhead of AdaRate is the least. The overhead of AdaRate is 68.75% less than periodic polling.


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