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A Distributed Secure Monitoring System based on Blockchain

Volume 14, Number 10, October 2018, pp. 2393-2402
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.18.10.p15.23932402

Guangsong Yanga,b, Xinwen Wub, Yiliang Wua, and Chincheng Chena

aSchool of Information Engineering, Jimei University, Xiamen, 361021, China
bSchool of Information and Communication, Griffith University, Gold Coast, 4215, Australia

((Submitted on July 17, 2018; Revised on August 20, 2018; Accepted on September 16, 2018)


Security and reliability are of vital importance for a remote system to facilitate effective monitoring and management of a wide range of equipment. A distributed secure monitoring system based on blockchain and IoT technologies is proposed in the paper. Firstly, a lightweight security scheme (LSS) is proposed to provide a high level of security with reduced computational and communication costs. Secondly, the architecture of remote monitoring system is presented. An identity authentication method based on the LSS is proposed to authenticate any new node when joining the network. A secure access control method based on blockchain is also proposed to increase the security of the system in a lightweight and scalable manner. Finally, the proposed monitoring system is analyzed with regard to the security against several well-known attacks.


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