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Maintainability Test Method of Army Armored Equipment based on Small Sample Size

Volume 15, Number 1, January 2019, pp. 200-208
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.19.01.p20.200208

Chuang Lia, Da Xua, Qinglong Jiaoa, Jieyin Huangb, and Han Linc

aDepartment of Weapon and Control, Army Academy of Armored Force, Beijing, 100072, China
bInstitute of Reliability Engineering, Military Representative Office in Four Four Seven Factory, Baotou, 014000, China
cFujian Police Academy, Fuzhou, 350000, China

(Submitted on October 10, 2018; Revised on November 17, 2018; Accepted on December 15, 2018)


In view of the large manpower and financial resources required for the maintenance test of the armored equipment of the army, as well as the long acquisition period of the maintenance test data, this paper focuses on the maintenance test method based on small sample size and establishes the maintenance test verification based on the Bayes small sample theory. Assessing the model and proposing an equipment maintenance test based on this method effectively reduces the number of samples needed to validate the indicators. At the same time, it is validated with the aid of model equipment maintainability tests. The accuracy is high, and maintenance and verification are reduced. The proposed method is of great reference value for reducing the cost of equipment testing and shortening the equipment development cycle in the development of army equipment.


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