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Car Selection Using Hybrid Fuzzy AHP and Grey Relation Analysis Approach

Volume 13, Number 5, September 2017 - Paper 2  - pp. 569-576
DOI: 10.23940/ijpe.17.05.p2.569576

Amol Nayakappa Patil*, Niraj G. Pai Bhale, Nagaraj Raikar, M. Prabhakaran

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao, Bardez-Goa, India

(Submitted on May 8, 2017; Revised on June 28, 2017; Accepted on August 13, 2017)


Opting right alternative between numerous alternatives is really complicated decision, which becomes more complex when alternatives are conflicting in nature and there is minor difference among alternatives. Complexity in decision making can be minimized if analytical methods are used for selection of alternatives. In everyday life, we often have to make decisions and several times we come across circumstances where the decision to make is selection of best alternative among various alternatives. This paper demonstrates application of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process approach integrated with Grey Relation Analysis to select the best car among various cars available in the market taking into consideration all the required qualitative and quantitative decision aspects.


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